1 Oct

Homemade salsa and canned summer!


Posted by: Andre Houle

Salsa Time!
I don’t know about you, but nothing beats homemade salsa! And guess what time of year it is? It’s salsa making time!
Every year we look forward to seeing how big our fall haul will be, in anticipation of how many batches of salsa we’re going to get. If you know the slogan for a very famous hot sauce, then you’ll know that that’s precisely the same slogan we use for what we do with our salsa. And I mean that literally.
Need to spice up a casserole? Just add salsa. Need to make eggs less boring, just add salsa. Got chips? Well we have salsa for that affliction too. It gussies up everything.
If you’ve never indulged in homemade salsa, I highly recommend that you try it! It’s wonderful. Once you try it though, you may be permanently hooked.
There’s nothing like fresh garden tomatoes, and turning them into salsas, soups or sauces because you have far too many, is a lost art. It’s worth the time and effort and experiencing some of that delectable downhome comfort during the winter months is beyond refreshing when unable to eat less of the fresh produce some of us are privy to during the summer months. I’m a little obsessed with my tomatoes and I am trying desperately to revive the enthusiasm for these hobbies.
I was actually surprised to see how many decided to take up gardening this year. I suppose with having many people home this summer, it really shouldn’t have surprised me. The surprise really hit me when the time came for me to buy my own seeds and I couldn’t find any, as everything was sold out.
It now makes me wonder how many are going to take the next step and do a little canning or pickling. If you haven’t but have considered it, try it! I think you’ll be surprised.
As for me, I usually use many green tomatoes in my salsa, and I even smoke them in my smoker. If you’ve yet to try smoked tomatoes, well, maybe I shouldn’t say anything! All I can say is, my kitchen is about to be very busy and my supply of canned summer is about to be replenished!