17 Sep

Fall Freedoms


Posted by: Andre Houle

I see the fall breeze has blown into town, and with it the beautiful colours of the season. I love fall. Like really love fall.
Actually, I love every season for all different reasons, but there’s something about the beauty that this season brings that I seem relish in so much more. It’s calming and serene and it feels so peaceful. And quiet, I love the quiet.
Actually, the quiet is because school is back in! Yipee! Wow, and I thought the leaves brought all the silence…how wrong I was!
I’m kidding…maybe. I must admit, having the girls underfoot for months on end has been challenging. I never thought I’d see the day that the world would be closed, and my kids would be back at home all of the time, just like when they were little.
I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with our daughters and I wouldn’t change a thing. That said, once both were in school full time, I had a taste of the freedom I’d had for quite a few years prior and honestly, there’s no feeling like it. I could go to the grocery store any time I wanted and nearly instantaneously. I only had to pack up myself and go.
Ask any parent about having to make a ‘quick trip’ (the ultimate oxymoron when you have children) to the grocery store because you forgot the milk a day earlier at your usual big grocery haul for the week. I’d often be reduced to reasoning, bribing and begging in order to get the girls dressed so we could go. All of that was just to get them dressed. Now that they’re older, we’re at the age and stage where Andre and I stand and at the door waiting, while our oldest gets prettied up, if she joins us when we go somewhere.
Sigh, teenagers. With this return to school, I’ve finally regained the freedom to do the things that I want or need to do somewhat. With that, I am trying to regain my energy and gusto so I can continue on with the many things I’d started prior to the lockdown.
I had no idea what that time meant to me. Despite the fact that the girls had school work to do on their own, I felt guilty for some strange reason for doing the things that I’d normally do when they weren’t at home. I don’t know if that was just because it’s me, or if I felt compelled to be constantly engaged because they really didn’t want to busy themselves with anything other than technology. Try as I might, they always seemed to turn to that first…kids these days hey?
Who knew how having the kids back at home would affect my life. I can’t imagine if my kids had been younger…I can only imagine the challenges at each age and stage. All said and done, here’s to having a few moments of normalcy in this crazy life!